Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I really create the kitchen of my dreams by just replacing the doors?Top
    For most homeowners the dream kitchen is large and spacious, in a style that is, if not unique, extremely individual and that looks expensive and impressive. On top of this it should also have oodles of personality. In fact it is the sort of kitchen that is shown in specialist kitchen magazines.Unfortunately, this is just not achievable by the vast majority of homeowners. Very few kitchens these days are large enough so whatever is spent on them the result is a compromise.

    Within the confined area of your kitchen the layout is probably already the most practical achievable so your dreams will inevitably be restricted to the space you have and the current layout. But what you lose in design and layout you can make up for in colour and surface materials used. Here Moben is definitely the best option for the range of materials we use and the colours we offer is far greater than for most companies fitting complete kitchens. So you might get nearer to your dreams with Excalibur.

  • Could I install the doors myself?
  • Yes, you probably could. If you can mount shelves on a wall or put up curtain rails you should be OK. But if you are the type of homeowner who would normally have someone in to do these jobs you are probably better to ask the Moben kitchen showroom to do it for you.


  • How long will it take to fit them?That depends on how large your kitchen is and whether any unforeseen problems are encountered. Professional fitters will probably be able to complete an average kitchen in a day, sometimes it might take 2 days. If you do it yourself it will probably take longer, but remember you can replace the doors and drawers just one at a time and you’ll soon get the hang of it.
  • How much will it cost to have them fitted?That depends where you live, how large and complicated the kitchen is. Kitchen fitters charge different amounts per day depending upon whereabouts in the country you are (obviously London is more expensive). Nationally rates seem to vary between £100 per day and £250 per person, per day. (Please note that Mobendoes not control and is not responsible for local fitting charges as they depend upon your exact requirements and the complexity of your kitchen).You should also note that you will probably find your Moben kitchen showroom will quote you keener prices than any of the handyman franchises. And of course they have more experience of this type of work.
  • Can you really supply doors to fit absolutely any kitchen? We can. However, in certain exceptional circumstances you will have to discuss your particular needs at your Moben Showroom. For instance, if your doors are not rectangular but have a sloping top, bottom or sides, then they can be made, but through an ancillary product programme which your Moben retailer knows about.If you have a corner bi-fold door, that too requires special treatment.

    The Moben programme is designed to replace doors that are flush fitting on the front of the cabinets. But if your doors fit into a frame, which is mounted onto the front of the cabinets, you will need to discuss your kitchen at your local Moben Showroom.

    Some kitchens have extremely small spice drawers. The smallest size of drawer/door that we can make is 10cm x 10cm or 4″ x 4″. There is no practical maximum size.

  • Can I buy doors that I can paint myself?Yes, we can supply most of our door styles with a special finish ready for overpainting or overspraying by you, once they are installed. They require no preparation, and no undercoat. A top coat by itself will give an excellent finish.
    We can also supply these doors as raw MDF with the back of the door in paintable white (to prevent swelling).Real Oak doors are also available in our Contemporary design ready for painting.
  • Are Excalibur products guaranteed? All our products are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for 3 years. Any faults of this nature will show up before then. But it is extremely difficult to guarantee that our products will look pristine and new after 3 years; the kitchen is a tough environment where the furniture gets knocked and hit, is subject to excessive heat and steam, and exposed to hot cooking fat and staining products such as Turmeric.This guarantee does not affect your legal rights.

    To ensure that your kitchen looks good in years to come we recommend that you consider the MobenDurability Rating before deciding upon an appropriate design for your own particular kitchen.

  • How do I keep Moben doors clean? It depends upon the materials used to manufacture the range you chose. But doors made with modern materials such as vinyls, acrylics or impregnated foils can be kept perfectly clean by cleaning with warm soapy water. Furniture polishes, particularly those containing silicon should not be used; nor should any household cleaner with an abrasive compound in it.
  • Are there any hidden extra costs? No! From this website, or from our brochure and price list, you can calculate the exact prices of the doors and drawers you need. You might of course, want to consider other items such as handles, mouldings, laminate etc., but, once again we publish the exact prices of these and you should budget a little extra for these if you need them.You should bear in mind also, that all Moben prices are extremely keen and, as such, there is no allowance made for visits to your home by the retailer should you need one. If you ask one of our retailers to visit you, either to discuss your project or to measure up your kitchen for you or even to help you overcome any particular problem, he will probably want to charge for his time and you should discuss and agree this with him before you book a visit. Obviously discussions in the retailers showroom are not charged for – their staff are there to help you.