Interior changes to make to your property

Your property is your biggest asset, so why not transform it every now and then so you can fall in love with it all over again.

Even if you aren’t willing to fork out a hefty cost, we have low cost ideas that could help you to improve your property. Find out about Mo & Ben interiors.

A splash of colour

Painting an entire room require numerous paint pots and a large bill at the end. However, you can update an area with random spots of colour, which works the same and just as good. An example of this is painting a group of photo frames in the same colour to create a wall feature. See: Colour Inspiration.

The random boasts of colour keeping a room feeling youthful and engaging – it can make it a talking point for guests when they visit.

Brightening up your home

Lighting has the ability to bring the entire room together – go beyond the standard light fixtures and think about how much natural lighting is in your property. Natural lighting makes a room feel fresh and much bigger than what it is.

One way to allow natural lighting into a room is by installing a rooflight. Not only does natural light flood into your house, but it can boost the energy efficiency of your home. We recommend using EOS Rooflights for all your skylight needs. Click here.

They have an entire range of rooflights all for different uses, some of which include:

  • Fixed
  • Opening
  • Modular
  • Walk-On
  • Eco
  • Access Hatch
  • Circular

Weird & wonderful features

One of our most favourite ideas is the use of wallpaper in unexpected places. People find it much more exciting when they enter somebody’s home and find the unexpected, this can be wallpaper on ceilings or brightly coloured stairwells. Discover fun furniture.

The majority of the time, wallpaper is used as a feature wall in a room and that’s it. But, why not step out of your comfort zone and place it somewhere you would never have thought to before. Wallpaper makes for a great feature in closets, hallways and panelled rooms.